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Sun 8/21 Tutorial Title Presenter Affiliation
8:00 AM Breakfast
Tutorial 1: Using Next-Generation Memory Technologies: DRAM and Beyond
Abstract: Memory technologies such as DRAM are rapidly changing from traditional interfaces and DRAM based devices to new interfaces, packages and device technologies.   This tutorial will describe new technologies from industry leading memory vendors  and show how they are used in new and emerging products and applications.
9:00 AM Tutorial 1 Introduction Vidya Rajagopalan
9:10 AM Memory as We Approach a New Horizon Thomas Pawlowski Micron Technology
9:45 AM The Future of Graphic and Mobile Memory for New Applications Jin Kim Samsung
10:15 AM Break
10:35 AM The Era of High Bandwidth Memory Kevin Tran SK Hynix
11:10 AM HBM Package Integration: Technology Trends, Challenges and Applications Suresh Ramalingam Xilinx
11:45 AM Memory Technology and Applications Allen Rush AMD
12:15 PM Q & A Panel  All
12:30 PM Lunch
Tutorial 2: 3D Depth for Consumers: From Sensors to Apps
Abstract: 3D depth sensors are becoming increasingly ubiquitous, moving from robots and factories into cars and phones. Learn how sensor manufacturers, vision processing companies and application developers are enabling new depth – powered experiences for consumers.
1:45 PM Tutorial 2 Intro: 3D Sensors for the Rest of Us Larry Yang Google
2:00 PM VR and AR Anytime and Everywhere: Contributions of PMD Depth Sensing to an Evolving Ecosystem Bernd Buxbaum PMD Tech
2:30 PM “Speaking in Volumes”: Volumetric Data Acceleration for Dense SLAM David Moloney Movidius
3:00 PM Inuitive Breakthrough Solution for AR and VR Worlds Dor Zepeniuk Inuitive
3:30 PM Break
4:00 PM 3D Reconstruction for Consumer Mobile Devices Ivan Dryanovsk Google
4:30 PM Mobile 3D Capture for Professional Applications Rafael Spring DotProduct


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  1. IanH 12 months ago

    So HBM is dram plus io channel to speed up data in and out of dram.


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