DspLog some good articles about analog, comm, and DSP

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Authors Krishna SanKar
Date 2013
Affiliation dsplog.com
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DspLog some good articles about analog, comm, and DSP


dsplog.com has good short analysis articles (blogs) in wireless communication domain. The following are some examples:


First is named “Image Rejection Ration (IMRR) with transmit IQ gain/phase imbalance”. IQ modulator has gain of α and β on each arm an phase imbalance of Φ.


IMRR is defined as desired signal power over image signal power. For example, if desired signal is e^{j\omega t}, then image signal is e^{-j\omega t}, which is used in article. After some derivation, IMRR is shown as:

IMRR = \frac{\gamma^2 +1 -2\gamma\cos{\phi}}{\gamma^2 +1 -2\gamma\cos{\phi}}

I made a spreadsheet based on this formula and you can easily calculate IMRR with it.


The second is about error vector magnitude (EVM) dut o phase noise and thermal noise.  After some derivation, it shows EVM is

 EVM = \sqrt{\frac{N_0}{E_s} + 2-2e^{-\frac{\phi^2_{rms}}{2}}}

where \phi^2_{rms} is phase noise variance.  Again, this formula is captured in the xls.






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