China Angel Fund Guru Xu Encourages to Embrace Blockchain

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China Angel Fund Guru Xu Encourages to Embrace Blockchain


China VC investor, ZhenFund founder, Xu Xiaoping in the internal group discussion encourages the embrace blockchain revolution. 

In his internal sharing, Xu Xiaoping pointed out: “I strongly encourage everyone to embrace the revolution in the blockchain. Learning from the blockchain technology is my long-term observation and reflection. I feel it is my responsibility to tell our entrepreneurs. I do not want my opinion of the blockchain to be misunderstood as a view of the ICO, and the blockchain revolution has really come true. “


Longtime angel investor Bob Xu is the founding partner of ZhenFund, a seed fund formed in collaboration with Sequoia Capital China with more than 400 portfolio companies. In his eight years as an investor, Xu’s made four investments that went on to go public in the U. S and as well as one in China, while eight others have grown into billion-dollar businesses, including the bike-sharing company OFO, AgTech company Meicai, e-commerce companies and RED (Xiaohongshu.) One of Xu’s biggest wins was investing $180,000 at a $2 million valuation in the online cosmetics company in 2009; the company went public in 2014 at a market cap of about $3 billion. 



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