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Today, in the Verification IP world, when you go out to look for a VIP, most vendors offer you 3 options:

  • VIP for simulation
  • VIP with assertions only
  • VIP for acceleration

For comprehensive block level, SoC level and System level verification, you typically need to buy all 3 types of VIPs to work with your dynamic simulator, with formal verification products and your hardware accelerator or emulator.

Buying the traditional 3 VIP package can introduce mismatches or inconsistencies in your comprehensive verification flow, because you are not buying one VIP which does all the tasks, you are buying 3 different VIPs. It can also mean different user interfaces, integration challenges and differences in quality of results across your comprehensive verification flow.

Based on customer feedback, Truechip has introduced Comprehensive Verification IP (CVIP), which means you only need one VIP for your entire flow – be it dynamic verification, formal verification or hardware acceleration and emulation. Test cases, assertions and support for hardware platform is built into a single VIP, giving you a consistent user interface and predictable results across your comprehensive verification flow.

So next time you are looking for a VIP, make sure its a CVIP!”

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