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Address: 2875 W. Ray Rd. #6-446 Chandler, AZ 85224, USA
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Stellamar is a full service design, consulting and IP licensing firm specializing in digital and mixed signal applications, with particular deep domain expertise in creating solutions, which enable analog functions to be implemented in a digital environment.

In 2009 Stellamar pioneered a technology which enables the implementation of oversampling ADCs using only digital blocks available in FPGA and ASIC libraries along with a few external passive components (resistors and capacitors). The same technology was successfully employed to develop digital controllers for switch-mode DC-DC converters.

Stellamar’s solutions are particularly appealing to portable applications as well as space and avionics applications where area, weight and power consumption are at a premium.

Since Stellamar’s IP cores are fully digital synthesizable, they can be used in high reliability and radiation-hard environments by taking advantage of current and future radiation-hard FPGA and ASIC technology.


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