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Phone: +44 7968 948683
Address: Oettinger Str. 6, 86720 Nördlingen
Key Words

IC test, failure analysis, supply chain management, IC manufacturing


RoodMicrotec at a glance

  • RoodMicrotec is a semiconductor company supplying products (chips and packaged devices) and services to its focus sectors.
  • RoodMicrotec manages the entire ASIC supply chain turnkey.
  • RoodMicrotec is increasingly focusing on consultancy, product engineering, project management and logistics.
  • As an independent company RoodMicrotec is never in competition with its customers.
  • RoodMicrotec is knowledge and technology driven.
  • ‘Certified by RoodMicrotec’ refers inter alia to qualification of products to stringent international standards such as the ISO/IEC 17025 in our accredited laboratory.
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