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OSH Park

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Community PCB order


OSH Park is a community printed circuit board (PCB) order.

We bring you high quality, lead free boards (ENIG finish), manufactured in the USA, and shipped for free to anywhere in the world.

This is a community printed circuit board (PCB) order. We take designs from lots of people, put them all together on a panel and then order the panel from a fab.
Since we’re all splitting the panel setup cost, this lets us make circuit boards inexpensively.

2 layer boards are $5 per square inch (with 3 copies of your board included in that price) and ship in under 12 calendar days from ordering.
4 layer boards are $10 per square inch (also including 3 copies of your board), go to the fab once a week, and have a 2 week turn time from the fab.

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  1. bencouto 5 years ago

    I have worked with Osh Park several times. I highly recommend their service. Good handling, communication, and quality. I was doing some prototyping jobs. Not sure about big job though.


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