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Phone: +32 10-392140
Address: Rue de Rodeuhaie, 4 B-1348 Louvain-la-Neuve,Belgium
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Analog & mixed, PLL, serializer, LVDS, ADC 12b 500Mhz, radiation tolerance


nSilition is a leading analog and mixed-signal ASICs/SoCs and semiconductor IP provider. nSilition specializes in the development of industrial quality circuits, with expertise in mixed-signal, high-speed and/or low power analog and full-custom digital circuitry. nSilition’s circuits employ various specific enhancements to improve power efficiency, yield and reliability.

The semiconductor IPs are available as ready-to-use design kits for most popular silicon technologies.

nSilition’s IC and IP design service offers top quality design, customization and support dedicated to your needs and your specifications.

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