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Address: Madhapur Hyderabad - 500 081 Telangana, India
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Cyient Ltd is a public limited company registered in year 1991.  We are a well-established global fabless semiconductor services and solutions provider. We are known for our cutting-edge process technologies, world-leading foundries and EDA tools, and best-in-class engineering capabilities. Our comprehensive solutions address complex ASIC, SoC & FPGA across the most advanced semiconductor process technology nodes up to 10/14/16nm FinFET.


We have an outstanding track record of “first-pass silicon success” across more than 300 ASIC tape-outs and over 25 turnkey FPGAs, boards, and systems.


We comply with ISO 9001:2008, ISO 13845:2003& ISO27001:2005 standards and have delivered over three and half million engineering hours to our clients from industries such as industrial, communications, automotive, networking, storage, medical and consumer products.


Cyient provides flexible model to engage at any stage of the design and delivers fully tested silicon to the customers :

Specs to Silicon

RTL to Silicon

Netlist to Silicon

GDSII to Silicon

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