Use Free LTSpice for Analog Circuit Simulation

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Use Free LTSpice for Analog Circuit Simulation

I used Pspice and Hspice before. Pspice is a good tool with a student version which can be freely downloaded . Hspice is more accurate but it lacks GUI interface. Both (full version) are commercial software. I find LTSpice from Linear which is open source based (free) and with a good gui tool.

LTspice site is


Here is an example to simulate RC circuit:


ASC (netlist) file is:

C1 Vout 0 1n
R1 Vout Vin 100
V1 Vin 0 PWL(0 0 1n 1) Rser=0
.tran 0 500n 0 10p

Simulation result is:



Here is another example to simulate lossless transmission line:


Netlist is:

T1 Vin 0 Vout 0 Td=250p Z0=50
R1 Vin N001 25
V1 N001 0 PWL(0 0 10p 1)
R2 Vout 0 75
.tran 0 1n 0 1p


Simulation result is:





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  1. caryspeth 5 years ago

    Thanks for bringing it up. I gave it a try. Compared to Pspice student version, it is a tie-tie.


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