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Turkey Real Estate Guide

Why Should You Invest in Turkey?

Turkey is gaining a more important position, both politically and economically, in the world each day. One of the leading forces of the great economic move that the country has made recently is, undoubtedly, real estate investments. Turkey, as the 16th largest economy in the world today, has its own goals such as being one of the 10 largest economies and turning Istanbul into financial capital for the next 10 years. With its growing economy, mega projects in the real estate sector, and sectoral dynamics, Turkey will continue to harbor new opportunities, provide its investor with added value and increase its value in the future.

Real estate buyers guide the center of these goals stand construction and real estate sectors, and today Turkey has made great strides in accomplishing them. International credit rating agencies recently have rated Turkey one of the exceptional countries that can make investments and it maintains the same stability in the real estate sector. Istanbul is among the first 10 cities in Europe expected to make progress in the real estate sector. Since Istanbul has a market supported by a strong economy and growing rapidly, it keeps on being one of the favorite cities of the investors. In addition, Turkey, with a young and rapidly increasing population of 75 million, is in quite a desirable position in terms of its demography.

We want to tell the world about Turkey’s real estate sector and opportunities provided in the best and most correct way in the presence of institutional and individual investors to make a contribution to the publicity of the real estate sector abroad and to help our country find its deserved place in the international arena. Especially after the reciprocity law offering foreign citizens the opportunity to buy estates, the interest in real estate investments in our country increased. For this very reason, we noticed that especially individual investors need a guide who tells them which path they should follow and to what they should pay attention to while making investments in real estate Turkey.

Turkey Real Estate Services’ is an important source answering all the questions that guide foreign individual investors and help while buying real estate. This guide, in which you can find all the procedures to own real estate in Turkey easily and in detail, will be a reference guide covering all the main subjects worthy of notice about the processes like making the most correct real estate investment, evaluating this investment and selling it for the right price.

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