Transmission Gate Not to be Used on Voltage Domain Boundary

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Transmission Gate Not to be Used on Voltage Domain Boundary


My other post, Transmission Gate and the Sneaky Leakage Path, discusses transmission gate should not used at power domain boundary due to sneaky leakage path. This post shows transmission gate should not be used at voltage domain boundary either.


We can use below setup to explain the issue. There are two voltage domains (VD), V1 VD and V2 VD. Note we say two voltage domains and not two power domains because V1 VD and V2 VD will be powered on and off simultaneously. So they belong to the same power domain.

The logic in V2 VD is just a typical master-slave FF. FF input is from V1 VD. Next it is shown there is a leakage path between V1 VD and V2 VD.


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