[Tool] Radio System Cascaded Gain, NF, and P1dB

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[Tool] Radio System Cascaded Gain, NF, and P1dB

Here is a simple spreadsheet to calculate cascaded gain, NF, and P1dB for a radio system. You can use it for your own system. Just update gain, NF, P1db based on your own design.



In above spreadsheet,  the way to calculate NF is based on the well-known

F = F1 + (F2-1)/G1 + (F3-1)/G1G2 + …

Note Carles Razzell has a good article indicating above equation needs to be revised in case of mixer is involved. Here is the article:


The way to calculate cascaded P1dB is based on http://www.rfcafe.com/references/electrical/p1db.htm

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