STM3232F10 SDIO C Code

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STM3232F10 SDIO C Code

STM32F10xx is ARM Cortex-M3 based 32bit low power processor.

In low-density (flash 16-32Kbytes), medium-density (flash 4-128Kbytes), and high density (flash 256-512 Kbytes) devices, the processor architecture is as below:




For connectivity line devices, processor architecture is as below:



The sample C project/code we show here is for SDIO access. The SD/SDIO MMC card host interface (SDIO) provides an interface between the AHB peripheral bus and MultiMediaCards (MMCs), SD memory cards, SDIO cards and CE-ATA devices.



Communication over the bus is based on command and data transfers. The basic transaction on the MultiMediaCard/SD/SD I/O bus is the command/response transaction. These types of bus transaction transfer their information directly within the command or response structure. In addition, some operations have a data token. Data transfers to/from SD/SDIO memory cards are done in data blocks. Data transfers to/from MMC are done data blocks or streams. Data transfers to/from the CE-ATA Devices are done in data blocks.

Single access:


Block read access:


Block write access:


Sequential read access:


Sequential write access:


Part of sdio_sd.c code is as below with comments removed.


The full SDIO C project/code is in below.

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  1. jQiu 5 years ago

    Jay, how much data rate can you achieve with the code you show?


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