PTPX Peak Power

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PTPX Peak Power

There is a good question online about ptpx peak power. With

set_power_analysis_options -waveform_interval 0.1

(100ps interval) peak power is 2.2w. With

set_power_analysis_options -waveform_interval 0.01

(10ps interval) peak power jumps to 3.2w.


Here is the script to run ptpx:

Here is ptpx result:


It should be expected that lots of times with smaller interval peak power is higher. Indeed peak power is the average power across analysis interval. So with larger interval, peak power is averaged out over a longer period.

I saw this in lab measurement too. We use current meter to check current profile. Peak power will be higher if we set interval to be smaller. Same reason: peak power is the average power in interval.

But is it a real issue? It depends your chip’s decoupling cap design. Although peak power is high, it only last for a very short period of time. So many times on-chip caps can provide that peak current. Obviously out-of-chip decoupling cap is needed for current lasting a long time.


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  1. In the report, clock network consumes 19% pwr. Is it typical or a little bit high?


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