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Premium Guidelines


Valpont Premium enables users to connect with each other by posting classified items/ads (premium contents) on Valpont (“Valpont Premium” or the “Service”). All listings posted on or through the Services (“Listings”) and all transactions conducted in connection therewith, are subject to and governed by these Valpont Premium Guidelines (the “Guidelines”) as well as the Valpont Terms of Use. WHEN YOU USE VALPONT PREMIUM IN ANY MANNER YOU ARE AGREEING TO ABIDE BY THESE GUIDELINES (“GUIDELINES”) AND THE OTHER RULES SET FORTH IN OUR TERMS OF USE.

Listing Rules

  • All Listings must be accurate and not misleading, and you may not use the Service in a fraudulent manner or to engage in any fraudulent activity or purpose or to impersonate any person or entity.
  • You may list an item in only one Listing at a time per network, and in the most appropriate categories.
  • You may not list any item for sale, lease or rent that is not in your possession or that you do not have the right to sell lease or rent at the time the item is listed.
  • You may not post any material that contains or links to any viruses, worms, Trojan horses, corrupted data or other harmful, disruptive or destructive files or programs.
  • You may not post in your Listings any content that is infringing, obscene, offensive, harassing, hateful, inflammatory, abusive, defamatory, harmful, fraudulent, or invasive or privacy or publicity rights or otherwise violates these Guidelines or the Terms of Use.
  • You may not promote, encourage or solicit illegal activity of any kind.
  • You may not offer, list, sell or lease any items that are designated in these Guidelines as Prohibited Items or that would violate these Guidelines in any manner.

All Listings and all transactions entered into through the Service must comply with all applicable laws, rules, regulations and restrictions, and you may not offer, list, sell, lease, solicit, request or provide anything through the Service in a jurisdiction where such action would violate any law, rule, regulation or restriction. The parties to a transaction are solely responsible for researching and determining the scope of the applicable law to determine whether a listing or transaction complies with applicable law.

Prohibited Items

Without limiting any of the restrictions contained elsewhere in these Guidelines or the Terms of Use, the following items may not be sold, leased, rented, provided or otherwise transacted through Valpont Premium:

  • Firearms, ammunition and other weapons and related accessories (including martial arts weapons)
  • Fireworks or any destructive devices or explosives
  • Child pornography or obscenity
  • Illegal drugs and drug paraphernalia
  • Prescription or nonprescription drugs and medical devices
  • Alcohol or tobacco products
  • Goods made from protected animals/plants
  • Restricted or regulated plants and insects
  • Pesticides or hazardous substances
  • Illegal, stolen or counterfeit goods or knock-offs of brand name products
  • Blood, bodily fluids and body parts
  • False identification cards and police items
  • Hacking and illegal surveillance equipment and descrambling equipment
  • Burglary tools
  • Counterfeit stamps, currency and coins
  • Material that infringes the rights of a third party, including copyrights, trademarks, patents, rights of publicity and rights or privacy (including warez and bootleg copies)
  • Airline tickets that restrict transfer
  • Lottery or raffle tickets, sweepstakes or content entries or gambling related items or devices
  • Used or rebuilt batteries
  • Bulk email or mailing lists that contain names, addresses, phone numbers, or other personal identifying information
  • Hazardous goods
  • Stocks, bonds, securities
  • Sexual services or sexually explicit materials
  • Event tickets if sale, pricing or manner of sale violates state and local regulations
  • Any item that violates US export laws to sell to the intended seller, including items subject to US embargoes
  • Items that are associated with hate groups such as Nazis or Ku Klux Klan
  • Items subject to a recall or for which resale is prohibited

General Rules and Guidelines

  • Sellers may post items for sale in the Valpont Premium pursuant to the guidelines found herein.  The pricing of such items shall be determined solely by the seller
  • All sales through the Valpont Premium are final. Valpont does not offer any refunds or exchanges.
  • Valpont provides no warranties or guarantees regarding any products or services exchanged or purchased between users of the Valpont Premium.  Any and all disputes regarding products or services exchanged or purchased through the Valpont Premium, including matters relating to refunds or exchanges, must be resolved privately by the individual parties thereto.  All information regarding products and services advertised in the Valpont Premium has been posted by the individual users and has not been posted, reviewed, confirmed, or guaranteed in any way by Valpont.  Buyers and sellers participate in the Valpont Premium at their own risk and must apply their own judgment regarding the risks and rewards of participating in the Valpont Premium.
  • The parties to an Valpont Premium transaction are solely responsible for all interactions with each other, for customer service, and for the results of the transaction and for all applicable taxes. Valpont is not responsible for any failure to pay any amounts due, or to deliver any merchandise or services as promised or for any other aspect of the transaction.
  • You should be aware that Listings are intended to be public, and regardless of any privacy settings you select, Listings that you post on Valpont and questions or comments you post in connection with the Services may in some cases become publicly available on the Valpont Site. For example, (i) questions that you send regarding a Listing, may be posted by the person who initiated the Listing in connection with such Listing, (ii) your Listings may be visible to all Valpont users (unless you specify that your Listing be viewable only by those in particular networks, or unless you block a specific Valpont user), and (iii) users who can view your Listing are able to send you messages through your Listing, even if your message setting is set to receive messages only from your Valpont friends or an otherwise restricted set of users. Therefore, you should also avoid posting phone numbers, email addresses or other personal information in your Listings and in any questions or comments you may post in connection with any Listings.
  • Parties to a transaction should exercise caution in providing contact information or personal information to the other party and in making personal contact with the other party. Valpont is not responsible for the actions of any of its users, and this Service is provided AS IS AND AT YOUR OWN RISK.
  • Both parties to a transaction are responsible for determining if the transaction is illegal or otherwise does not fully comply with applicable law.
  • You are responsible for all listings posted and all other activities conducted using your password, and you should protect your password and not disclose it to any other person.
  • The Service may not be used to solicit or obtain user passwords.
  • You must own or otherwise have the right to use all photographs used in any Listings, and such photographs must accurately represent the item involved in your transaction.
  • You may not use Valpont Premium to send spam or other unsolicited commercial emails of any kind or send spam to any user you locate through the Service.
  • You may not use the Valpont Site or the Service to solicit Valpont Premium users to post ads on other sites
  • You may not use information that a specific user navigated from the Valpont Site to your web site or any personally-identifiable information regarding any user of the Valpont Site to target communications specifically to users of the Valpont Site without Valpont’s prior written consent.
  • Valpont reserves the rights to immediately and without notice terminate any Listings or your use of Valpont or the Valpont Premium, for any reason, or no reason, at its sole discretion, including without limitation if you violate these Guidelines or the Terms of Use.
  • If you believe a Listing violates these Guidelines or the Terms of Use, you may report the violation to Valpont by using the “Report” button adjacent to the Listing, and Valpont will determine in its sole discretion how to address such Listing. Please see our Copyright Policy to see how to report listings that you believe infringe a copyright you own or control. It is a violation of these Guidelines to intentionally misreport a Listing as violating these Guidelines or the Terms of Use.

These Guidelines may be modified or replaced by Valpont at any time without notice in its sole discretion. Any changes or modification will be effective immediately upon posting of the revisions on the Site. Your continued use of Valpont Premium following the posting of such changes or modifications will constitute your acceptance thereof. Therefore, you should review these Guidelines from time-to-time and before posting any Listings or otherwise using the Service. If you do not agree to the amended terms, you must stop using the Service.

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