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  • Apple seeks to patent machine learning correction of #GPS estimates

    The basic concept is that while navigation systems generally rely on live location-determining pings from multiple satellites — a process that can take precious time, during which the user may move — a machine learning mod…[Read more]

  • Precise-Design posted an update 2 years, 10 months ago · , 1, 1

    Use -y in verilog compilation

    Modelsim and vcs support using -y to specify source file folders. You can use -v to list all the verilog files you want to compile. But here is an issue. If some of your tests dont need some files, you may want to remove these files from file list otherwise…[Read more]

  • Graphcore, an England startup, develops processor and accelerator hardware for machine learning

    Machine learning runs on GPU today. Looks it calls for a specialized processing core which spawns opportunities for startups such as Graphcore to grab.

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