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  • Andes Technology Is Committed To Developing #RISC-V Processor Applications, And Has Grown Rapidly In The First Half Of 2019

    RISC-V is highly valued for its market potential and development because of its open source, streamlined, modular, and expandable instruction set. Especially in…[Read more]

  • #arm announced an additional option for companies looking to build CPUs and SoCs utilizing its intellectual property. The new Arm Flexible Access option sits alongside the company’s existing range of IP licensing options. However, Arm Flexible Access comes in to lower the barrier to entry f…[Read more]

  • jQiu posted on Gregor1‘s wall 3 years, 2 months ago · , 2, 0

    @gregor1 Hi Gregor1

    Arduino code uses setup() and loop() functions. Do you know how to run RTOS with this framework? Thanks

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