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  • Watch how China’s biggest automatic container terminals operates

  • we will ask it to figure out a way to make an investment return for you

    Asked for example, how OpenAI plans to make money (we wondered if it might license some of its work), Altman answered that the “honest answer is we have no idea. We have never made any revenue. We have no current p…[Read more]

  • Qualcomm Announces New AI Chip for Cloud Data Center Servers

    The company will use its mobile expertise, and ability to design chips made with the latest manufacturing technology, to start supplying the new products that will compete in a market worth $17 billion by 2025.
    The chip is aimed…[Read more]

  • Wireless STM32 SoC supporting BLE 5 and IEEE 802.15.4 protocols

    STM32WB Check out the new STM32WB, a dual-core multiprotocol wireless MCU. In this video Hakim explains the performance, size and cost advantages this product brings, including 2.4 GHz radio supporting BLE 5, brand and IP…[Read more]

  • #Apple learns from vendors and uses against them

    Qualcomm claims Apple gave knowledge learned from Qualcomm to the competitor Intel in a lawsuit. The thing is Apple does ask chip vendors to provide source code, review them closely, ask questions. This is all good until they use this…[Read more]

  • Google uses Deepmind’s AI to cut 40% data center power

    Sounds good. But this control can not be done before without…[Read more]

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