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  • Synopsys #Haps 80 prototype system

    Haps80 is ultrascale based vs haps70 is virtex7 based. More gates in fpga, faster. Reduce the pain to split your design into multiple fpgas also your design can run at faster speed, which can be critical if it interfaces with some real time modules.

  • Semiconductor Industry Research from Morgan Stanley

    $336bn industry
    new obvious opportunities such as IoT and cloud computing are crowded and most companies’ investing will lose
    slowing growth is driving consolidation
    China are investing and buying with $100bn

    More details:…[Read more]

  • Protect Verilog file

    Figured out how to protect Verilog source code. You can use modelsim vlog command and run “vlog +protect xxx.vp”. In xxx.v source code, you need to put `protected and `endprotected to enclose the source code you want to protect. Then you can compile protected xxxx.vp…[Read more]

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