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  • Amazon Bezos’ two pizza meeting rule

    No, he doesn’t bribe his employees to come to their 3 o’clock meeting using pizza. Instead, it’s a rule he uses to keep meetings productive. He calls it the “two pizza rule” or the “two pizza team.” Basically, Bezos will only hold meetings in which t…[Read more]

  • #Apple gives more time to engineers to polish product features

    According to informed sources, Apple’s software manager Craig Federighi last month to convey to the engineer team this new strategy. Informed sources said that as a result, Apple’s engineer team will be able to spend more time…[Read more]

  • Chapman posted in Group logo of VR, AR, and 3DVR, AR, and 3D 1 year ago · , 0, 0

    Vaunt retinal #glasses, Intel project displays on your…[Read more]

  • #Opensource low cost or free tools win

    With even large companies switching to use google doc and drive in place of ms office, git, gnu tools, etc, commercial tool companies have a hard time.

  • Adopt Coverity for firmware code #coverage

    In place of existing code coverage tool. Coverity, is open source and used by Github. Sounds a good fit. Not sure its limitation yet.

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