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  • Senior Engineer
    San Diego, CA
    Master ECE
    Packaging and PCB co-design

  • Master student
    LA, CA
    ASIC, FPGA, Digital, Analog, PCB, Firmware

    - "AXI vs AHB performance simulation and comparison in the article, ahb and axi have similar latency and throughout but ahb is configured as 128b@400Mhz and axi as 64b@200Mhz. so axi is 4x ahb performance?!"View
  • China
    PCB Assembly

  • Engineer
    Los Angeles, CA
    Master ECE
    FPGA and PCB Board Design

  • Application Engineer
    Milpitas, CA
    firmware, pcb, RTOS, applications

  • Engineer
    New York, NY
    Embedded, FPGA, Firmware, Control, PCB

  • Hardware engineer
    San Jose, CA
    PCB, board, lab, embedded

  • Senior Electrical Engineer
    Irvine CA
    Master ECE
    Embedded, RTOS, Driver, PCB

  • 3rd Floor,Nanhai Plaza,NO.505 Xinhua Road Xinhua District, Shijiazhuang Hebei China

  • San Jose CA
    FA, ATE, PCB

  • College Student
    Los Angeles, CA
    Firmware, PCB, Digital signal processing, communication

  • Room A510-512 Car Building, No.45 Zhenhua Road,, Futian District, Shenzhen, 518031
    Industrial Control, Communication Equipments, Medical Devices, Iot, AI, etc.

  • Profile picture of Mortensen
    Denver, CO
    PCB, Embedded, Arduino

    - "Which of trace A and B has more critical EMI issue? Maybe it is straightforward for a seasoned EMI engineer. This interesting article uses Nimbic nWave to simulate the EMI issue and shows B is more […]"View
  • Staff Hardware Engineer
    Irvine, CA
    FPGA, ASIC IP, PCB, Embedded

  • Hangzhou,Zhejiang, China.

  • Senior Hardware Engineer
    Mountain View, CA
    PCB, embedded

  • Hardware Engineer
    Phoenix, AZ
    FPGA, digital design, PCB

  • Milpitas, CA
    FPGA, Firmware, PCB, System

  • Staff Engineer
    San Jose, CA
    RFIC, Radio PCB, analog

    - "Tear down of an Bluetooth Controller Board shows PCB trace-etched bluetooth antenna, 16Mhz crystal, and Beken BK3131 Bluetooth 3.0 HID […]"View
  • Engineer II
    Los Angeles CA
    FPGA, PCB, signal integrity

  • Electrical Engineer
    Irvine CA
    PCB, Digital, Analog, Embedded

    - "Using modular arithmetic to avoid timing overflow problems The short version: Given a starting time start, an ending time end and an interval interval, the way to check whether the interval has elapsed is to use […]"View

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