Isolation Low and High Cells for SoC Low Power Design

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Isolation Low and High Cells for SoC Low Power Design

Isolation cells are a must-use for SoC low power design. This article covers:

  1. Schematics of source type and destination type iso low cells
  2. How source-type and destination-type iso low cells work and how to use them properly
  3. Issues if source type is used as destination type and if destination type is used as source type
  4. Why sometimes we need to build iso low cells from regular cmos gates and how to build
  5. Schematic of iso high cell and how it works.


When a signal comes from a power-off domain to a kept-on domain, isolation cell is needed to make sure inputs of on-domain gates are not floating. Below diagram shows isolation cell is placed at kept-on domain and this kind of iso cell is called destination type. We can also place isolation cell at power-off domain and this kind is called source-type iso cell.


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