How to Give Your Staff Easy Document Access While Working from Home

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How to Give Your Staff Easy Document Access While Working from Home

As companies shift to a partial-to-complete remote strategy, it’s important to find secure, quick ways for your employees to access business documents from anywhere. Access to these documents is critical for many back-office operations, including AP, AR, and HR. Here are important factors to consider when moving to a remote workforce model:

Your Physical Mail Can Be Processed Off-Site and Sent to Your Staff Electronically

Many companies had to shut down their office, which caused incoming documents to pile up without any staff to sort or distribute them. Luckily, with outsourcing, you can have your mail sent to an external service provider who will open, scan, and index your mail, and then securely distribute it to the appropriate people for review and processing. This removes the need for a physical in your office, providing a faster, more affordable option to help your remote employees receive the information they need on time. As you create a business continuity plan, outsourcing enables a consistent, functional process to help new documents and information reach your staff so they can continue to do their job from home without interruption or delay.

Easily Process Incoming Documents and Manage in the Cloud

While Bulk Document Scanning Services transforming your in-office, it’s also important to think about how to help your staff review and respond to incoming documents. With cloud software, you can automate workflows and distribute documents electronically to your remote employees based on your business rules for review and processing.

The cloud software also provides management insight into who is working on what document and at what stage of processing it is in, helping you better manage your document processes and remote staff at the same time.

Automate Tasks to Allow Your Remote Team to Focus on Their Core Skills

Another way to increase productivity even more is through automating low-skill tasks so that they can focus on their core expertise. By adopting workflow automation software, you can make it take significantly less time for employees to enter information into your system, process invoices and forms, and more. This means they can spend more time using the specialized skills they were hired for, helping grow your business.

Document Management Software Makes It Easier to Access Existing Files from Home

The files you may have previously kept in cabinets in your office can now be digitized, indexed, and accessed securely within seconds from anywhere with cloud document management software. In fact, one of our clients said “Prior, we brought on Digiscribe to help us digitize our files. If we hadn’t, we would have had to completely stop our business due to the shutdown, unable to process incoming invoices.” You can decide who has access to what documents and what they can do with them ensuring security and confidentiality of information.

Improve Your Customer Service Even When Your Team Is Working from Home

Once your documents are uploaded into document management software, your team can immediately access them securely from home, improving your customer service experience. Only a little over 10% of clients are willing to stay on the line with customer service for over 5 minutes. Instead of scrambling to get your files to remote staff or figuring out how they can be shared by employees working at home and in the office, your files can be digitized.

Have a Clear Paper Trail Accessible from Anywhere in Case of an Audit

If your company is audited, your employees do not need to return to the office to complete the process. With cloud document management software, you can provide a complete audit trail that’s accessible from anywhere. Temporary access to a defined population of documents can be provided to the auditors for a specific period of time, eliminating any intrusion on your operations and disruption to your staff’s focus. Being able to track who has done what with each document is critical for meeting compliance requirements and avoiding penalties.

Remote Processes Help Your Company Maintain Business Continuity

Digitization is a necessary step in not only keeping your business running right now, but also benefits your business in numerous ways, including improving your processes, efficiency, productivity, and more. From outsourcing your migrating your documents to the cloud, all of these processes makes it easier for your company to operate while your staff is working from home. It can also save you money, making your company more competitive, which is especially important right now. If you want to learn other ways to improve your business continuity strategy during and after, check out our white paper, which includes a checklist of factors to consider.

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