How to Buy a Property in Turkey as a Foreigner?

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How to Buy a Property in Turkey as a Foreigner?

Real estate buying procedures for both foreigners and Turkish citizens are totally the same. The whole buying process can be completed in 1 day once you give your buying decision between the properties that you will see.

When you want to buy an off-plan property from a developer; you will need to pay a refundable reservation fee which is 1% of the total sales price. This will give you two weeks reservation period for you to sign the sales contract and make the down payment. Usually, a payment plan will be offered. The down payment will be minimum 25% and instalment payments can be paid 24 to 60 months depending on the real estate project you choose. The title deed for the property will be given when you complete all your payments. If the agreement is cash payment (a remarkable discount can be taken), directly the application can be made for the title deed if the title deeds for the real estate project are ready at that stage.

When you want to buy a completed property from a developer; cash payment will be requested in most cases, but still payment plan options can be possible. If the payment is cash, directly the application can be made for the title deed. If there will be a payment plan, 1% reservation fee will be requested again and a sales contract will be signed between the two parties. Once the payment is completed, the title deed will be taken.

When you want to buy a completed property from an individual; the payment will be always cash. The reservation fee will be decided between the two parties depending on the time requested by the buyer to make the final decision and prepare the payment. This fee might be non-refundable. For that reason, the conditions should be cleared between the buyer and seller at the beginning. Unlike buying through a developer, a commission should be paid for resale properties as a service fee which is 2% + VAT. When the payment is ready to be made, the same day the title deed procedures can be done within one day.

What are the Steps to Buy a Property in Turkey?

1- Contact Us and Discuss Your Requirements with a Property Consultant

When you fill a contact form with your contact details, one of our experienced property consultants will get in touch with you within 24 hours by phone. We will first listen to your requirements and expectations. Initially, we need answers for the following questions from you in this call:

– What is the purpose of your purchase?

We need to know whether you are buying for investment or personal use as a vacation house maybe or for citizenship/residency application.

– In which location are you planning to buy a property?

We will need to know in which city you have plans to buy a property. If it is in Istanbul, we will ask you if you have any preferred district.

– What is your estimated budget?

It is important for us to know how much you are planning to invest in order to narrow down the property options that we will offer you.

– Do you have any other specific requirements that we need to know?

Our consultant will ask for your requirements for your desired property such as number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, closed or open kitchen, balcony, sea or forest view, compound, facilities etc.

– When are you planning to visit Turkey?

For us to arrange ourselves, it is essential for us to know when you plan to visit Turkey. Accordingly, we can set an appointment with you in advance and be prepared the time you visit our country.

2- View the Properties You are Interested in

Before your visit to Turkey, we will have already set an appointment with you in order to view the properties you are interested in seeing. Our property consultant can pick you up from your hotel and visit with you all the projects that you would like to see. In each project you will visit, a detailed presentation will be given to you regarding the project, properties and the location in case you wish to. During the tour, you can ask any questions regarding the real estate sector in Turkey to our property consultant in order not to have any question marks remaining.

Usually, in one or two days, we will be able to visit all the properties that you would like to see.

3- Reserve the Property and Sign the Sales Contract

Once you decide to buy a property, a reservation fee which is 1% of the sales price in most cases should be paid. This fee can be paid also by credit card and it is refundable for two weeks. Normally, you have two weeks time to make your final decision. You need to sign the sales contract and transfer the down payment within these two weeks.

Considering most of our clients’ visits are less than a week, they usually reserve a property and sign its sales contract in this one week before leaving. Following, they transfer the down payment by bank transfer from their country.

Normally, the process for reservation and signing the sales contract will finish in one day. In case a notary contract will be signed, a tax number should be taken for the buyer and the notary should be available (in some cases an appointment is taken in advance). If needed, the procedures can be completed the next day.

4- Complete Your Payments and Receive Your Title Deed

If cash payment is agreed, the payment will be made cash. If a payment plan is set, the down payment will be paid initially. You can continue making your payments as agreed in the payment plan monthly or quarterly. The title deed application will be made once all the payments are completed.

You have the option to give a Power of Attorney (POA) to our company before leaving the country for all the title deed procedures to be followed up on your behalf. You can also prepare the POA in the Turkish embassy in your country and send it to our address by post. Your title deed will be prepared on your behalf and either handed to you or sent to your address by post as you wish.

In case a resale property or completed property is purchased and the full payment is made during your stay, directly your title deed transfer can be made in one day.

Buying a property is a very simple process in Turkey for foreign investors. With our guidance, we will try to make this process even easier for you with a good future ROI for your buying. Our aim is to reach the highest satisfaction of our valued customers and build a long-lasting relationship with them.

What are the Advantages of Buying a Property in Turkey?

Residency: 1 year renewable residence permit will be given when you buy a property in Turkey

Citizenship: Citizenship application can be made when you buy a property worth at least 250.000 USD.
Low Taxes: Taxes to be paid are much lower in Turkey compared to many other countries. Incentives are given for foreign investors such as being exempted from VAT.
Full Ownership: All properties are freehold in Turkey. When you buy a property in Turkey, will you have full ownership rights on it and your family has the right of inheritance after your death.

High ROI: Yearly 6% to 8% rental yield and 10% to 20% capital appreciation on the property price can be expected.

Strategic Location: Turkey is located between Europe and Asia. Istanbul is a hub for the whole region. Istanbul has the biggest airport in the world and Turkish Airlines flies to more than 120 countries in the world which makes it the leading company in this category.

Cost of Living: Prices in general in Turkey are very affordable. Cost of living in Istanbul is way cheaper compared to many other metropolitan cities like London and Dubai.

Climate: You can enjoy the four seasons in Turkey during the year. Summers are not very hot and it is possible to see snowy weather in winter whereas it is not very cold neither.

Nature and Sea: Turkey is one of the greenest countries in the world with a great nature. The country is covered with the beautiful sea in north, west and south.

Food: Simply you will enjoy the rich diversity and beauty of Turkish cuisine. Everyone loves Turkish food.
Health Sector: Healthcare is highly accessible all around the country with very affordable prices.

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