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  • Apple seeks to patent machine learning correction of #GPS estimates

    The basic concept is that while navigation systems generally rely on live location-determining pings from multiple satellites — a process that can take precious time, during which the user may move — a machine learning mod…[Read more]

  • Caltech’s IRA LDPC patents infridged by Apple and Broadcom in wifi 11n and 11ac chips

    [Read more]

  • Group logo of WirelessLiWong posted 1 year ago · , 0, 1

    #UWB is in iphone11

    [Read more]

  • Group logo of Wirelessjmong posted 1 year, 5 months ago · , 0, 0

    Apple opts to design its own 5G modem chip

    There are four scenarios, “none of which is ideal,” Cowen analyst Matthew Ramsay explained to Bloomberg. The first is to wait for a Intel modem, but the company might still end up with a chip without millimeter wave — a technology that enables…[Read more]

  • Group logo of Wirelessjmong posted 1 year, 7 months ago · , 0, 0

    Modern software defined radio asks for #open-source, FPGA for PHY and #real-time processor for MAC , #sdr

    Prominent among them are growing software platforms that are open-source, community-built tools for wireless communications. Notable examples include GNU Radio and NS-3, which are…[Read more]

  • Software defined radio, #sdr

    was once a hot topic. Move adc/dac to early element of radio chain and thus let firmware to handle some #radio function like filtering.
    Looks the idea doesn’t fly. Not much research papers and not much companies doing it. Here is one : myriadrf.org. It b…[Read more]

  • #LWA, aggregation of Mobile and wifi link

    LWA (LTE/WLAN Aggregation) is a tight integration at radio level which allows for real-time channel and load aware radio resource management across #WLAN and #LTE to provide significant user perceived throughput (UPT) improvement. When enabling…[Read more]

  • #LIFI, the indoor #gps and data highway, still with slow adoption

    It highlights the benefits: high speed data transfer, unlimited bandwidth, privacy, robustness to interference, human health, …. However, in reality, despite the buzz, no large-scale deployment has happened yet.

    Good a…[Read more]

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