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  • Software in #radiation env ll

    Notice there is mem #scrub rate calculation xls at this site. You can use it to cal how often to scrub mem based on radiation env, mem type/size, etc. idea is to avoid errors which are not correctable. Doesnt necessarilly mean single error since you may used…[Read more]

  • Software works in #radiation env

    Good post from rsjaffe

    NASA has a paper on radiation-hardened software. It describes three main tasks:

    Regular monitoring of memory for errors then scrubbing out those errors,
    robust error recovery mechanisms, and
    the ability to reconfigure if something…[Read more]

  • Group logo of Space and Rad-Hardened DesignKenF posted 2 years, 5 months ago · , 0, 1

    NASA Has Payloads List For SpaceX Red Dragon

    [Read more]

  • #FPGA #TMR Tool

    TMR (Triple Modular Redundancy) is widely used in #space electronics design. Xilinx provides TMRtool to auto generate TMR-ed design so you don’t have to manually implement it by tripling comb logics and putting in a voter.
    Looks Actel provides another solution that its…[Read more]

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