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Drive real FPGA or ASIC inputs with RTL testbench?

Drive real FPGA or ASIC inputs with RTL testbench?
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    For the issue I mentioned here, I am thinking if there is a way to letĀ simulation running on PC to drive FPGA or ASIC inputs directly itĀ canĀ be very convenient to debug the issue. It is much easier to correlate simulationĀ with realĀ circuit case.

    Not sure if anyone knows a existing system which reads simulation and converts it to drive FPGAĀ or ASIC inputs.

  • RegW, I think NI’s tutorial about Cycle-Accurate Co-Simulation with Mentor Graphics ModelSim may shed some light on this. I haven’t done anything like this before. But I think there should exist some solutions for this kind of simulator-silicon(fpga) co-simulation since I agree it bears good benefits for digital logic designers.

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