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  • EE engineers are more shorted and needed than CS folks?

    I just don’t feel it. These days you know Java, you can find a job in a minute or to be more accurate job will find you before you reach out. If you know PCB design or some C coding, good luck…

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  • Have you ever seen this kind of engineer bastard?

    I don’t believe somebody can be so low until now. He asked me all the questions and even asked me to do detailed design. End of day he doesn’t mention my name at all! He doesn’t even invite me to design review! What the f***!

    Or maybe I am…[Read more]

  • #Intel names interim ceo be permanent ceo

    Robert Swan, who was installed as interim chief executive in June, had been Intel’s chief financial officer since joining the company in 2016.

    In his current role, Mr. Swan has stressed a strategy that would take Intel — long the dominant sup…[Read more]

  • The news was announced today at the White House Blue Button Developers Conference in Washington D.C., and builds on the work done last year by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services to launch Blue Button 2.0, a new standard aimed at providing Medicare beneficiaries in the U.S.…[Read more]

  • Andes Technology Is Committed To Developing #RISC-V Processor Applications, And Has Grown Rapidly In The First Half Of 2019

    RISC-V is highly valued for its market potential and development because of its open source, streamlined, modular, and expandable instruction set. Especially in…[Read more]

  • #arm announced an additional option for companies looking to build CPUs and SoCs utilizing its intellectual property. The new Arm Flexible Access option sits alongside the company’s existing range of IP licensing options. However, Arm Flexible Access comes in to lower the barrier to entry f…[Read more]

  • jQiu posted on Gregor1‘s wall 4 years, 1 month ago · , 2, 0

    @gregor1 Hi Gregor1

    Arduino code uses setup() and loop() functions. Do you know how to run RTOS with this framework? Thanks

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  • St’s #smart city technologies

    Countless projects in North America, Europe or Asia are currently using ST’s STM32 microcontrollers (MCU), Nucleo development boards, Time of Flight sensors, among many of its other components. ST’s partnerships with many companies have already pioneered the…[Read more]

  • ST’s #LoRa boards and solutions

    LoRa™, which is short for #LoRaWAN (Long Range Wireless Area Network) is a type to #LPWAN (Low Power Wide Area Network). Developed by Semtech and governed by the LoRa Alliance™, of which ST is a member. LoRa™ uses sub-gigahertz bands to connect devices which…[Read more]

  • Super SloMo, implemented in PyTorch, is available on Github

    Super Slomo, a #deep-learning #AI based system, can produce high-quality slow-motion videos through AI-based predicting and inserting extra frames to original video frames. The code is not publicly available. atplwl, a reddit…[Read more]

  • Sarma posted an update 3 years, 10 months ago · , 0, 0

    Looking for a well architected (system)Verilog testbench

    I am asked to come up with a simulation environment for our designs. I know UVM is the way to go. But we don’t have much experience on it. I think I am going to build one based on Verilog and system Verilog which does direct test.…[Read more]

  • RTL Design Tools

    [Read more]

  • Unleashing the power of the Altera Multicore SoC FPGAs with the OpenAMP standard

    Topics covered:
    •The value of the OpenAMP standard
    •The versatility of Altera Multicore SoCs
    •The proficiency of the heterogeneous Mentor embedded solutions
    •Use cases for multicore multiple OS scenari…[Read more]

  • #LIFI, the indoor #gps and data highway, still with slow adoption

    It highlights the benefits: high speed data transfer, unlimited bandwidth, privacy, robustness to interference, human health, …. However, in reality, despite the buzz, no large-scale deployment has happened yet.

    Good a…[Read more]

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