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  • Ltremblay posted on SD-RTL-DGN‘s wall 3 years, 7 months ago · , 2, 0

    @sd-rtl-dgn More PCIe tutorial about retry, flow control, etc.?

    Hello SD RTL, I really enjoy your PCIe tutorial series. It is a good supplement to the PCIe book from Mindshare. I’d like to learn some details about retry, flow control, low power, link training, etc. Do you plan to cover…[Read more]

  • Have you ever seen this kind of engineer bastard?

    I don’t believe somebody can be so low until now. He asked me all the questions and even asked me to do detailed design. End of day he doesn’t mention my name at all! He doesn’t even invite me to design review! What the f***!

    Or maybe I am…[Read more]

  • echatterjee posted an update 11 months, 2 weeks ago · , 0, 0

    #SV #assertion

    See a assertion like below:

    property check_trig (rstn, state, trig);
    disable iff(!rstn) (state === STATE_PRE) |-> #[1,3] (trig == 0x1);

    Understand it tries to say if not in reset and state is STATE_PRE, trig is supposed to be 1. But confused what #[1,3]…[Read more]

  • #Facebook cofounder warns “Digital economy continue to destroy work” in America #job

    Chris Hughes said during an interview, “I don’t have a crystal ball on exactly where technology is headed. But I do think that it’s going to continue to destroy work.”

There was no activity posted yet.

There was no activity posted yet.

  • Top 100 R&D spending companies in 2018 announced by EU

  • #Fpga programing #spi #flash

    The idea is to send data from pc to fpga and then from fpga to spi flash. Pc to fpga communication can be done with uart. Fpga then implements an spi master module which converts uart data to spi data sent to flash from spi master module.

    In fact, lots of…[Read more]

  • #FPGA #TMR Tool

    TMR (Triple Modular Redundancy) is widely used in #space electronics design. Xilinx provides TMRtool to auto generate TMR-ed design so you don’t have to manually implement it by tripling comb logics and putting in a voter.
    Looks Actel provides another solution that its…[Read more]

  • Super SloMo, implemented in PyTorch, is available on Github

    Super Slomo, a #deep-learning #AI based system, can produce high-quality slow-motion videos through AI-based predicting and inserting extra frames to original video frames. The code is not publicly available. atplwl, a reddit…[Read more]

  • Sarma posted an update 3 years, 3 months ago · , 0, 0

    Looking for a well architected (system)Verilog testbench

    I am asked to come up with a simulation environment for our designs. I know UVM is the way to go. But we don’t have much experience on it. I think I am going to build one based on Verilog and system Verilog which does direct test.…[Read more]

  • RTL Design Tools

    [Read more]

  • Unleashing the power of the Altera Multicore SoC FPGAs with the OpenAMP standard

    Topics covered:
    •The value of the OpenAMP standard
    •The versatility of Altera Multicore SoCs
    •The proficiency of the heterogeneous Mentor embedded solutions
    •Use cases for multicore multiple OS scenari…[Read more]

  • why Microsoft acquires Github

    many articles about it online. the reasos given are like Microsoft is upholding open source, Microsoft is strengthening developer relationship, etc. So there is no clear path for Microsoft to benefit financially from this acquisition?

  • jQiu posted in Group logo of MCU and DSPMCU and DSP 4 months ago · , 0, 0

    Andes Technology Is Committed To Developing #RISC-V Processor Applications, And Has Grown Rapidly In The First Half Of 2019

    RISC-V is highly valued for its market potential and development because of its open source, streamlined, modular, and expandable instruction set. Especially in…[Read more]

  • #arm announced an additional option for companies looking to build CPUs and SoCs utilizing its intellectual property. The new Arm Flexible Access option sits alongside the company’s existing range of IP licensing options. However, Arm Flexible Access comes in to lower the barrier to entry f…[Read more]

  • jQiu posted on Gregor1‘s wall 3 years, 6 months ago · , 2, 0

    @gregor1 Hi Gregor1

    Arduino code uses setup() and loop() functions. Do you know how to run RTOS with this framework? Thanks

  • Amazon Bezos’ two pizza meeting rule

    No, he doesn’t bribe his employees to come to their 3 o’clock meeting using pizza. Instead, it’s a rule he uses to keep meetings productive. He calls it the “two pizza rule” or the “two pizza team.” Basically, Bezos will only hold meetings in which t…[Read more]

  • #Apple gives more time to engineers to polish product features

    According to informed sources, Apple’s software manager Craig Federighi last month to convey to the engineer team this new strategy. Informed sources said that as a result, Apple’s engineer team will be able to spend more time…[Read more]

  • Vaunt retinal #glasses, Intel project displays on your…[Read more]

  • #Opensource low cost or free tools win

    With even large companies switching to use google doc and drive in place of ms office, git, gnu tools, etc, commercial tool companies have a hard time.

  • Google to commercialize #driverless cars in taxi business in 2018

    Fiat Chrysler Automobiles has announced it will be delivering “thousands” of Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid minivans to Waymo, formerly known as Google’s self-driving car project.

    Google has broken through the technical barriers.…[Read more]

  • Samsung designs its own #5G #modem chipset

    What is left for Qualcomm if top three phone makers, Apple, Samsung, and Huawei, dont use its modem chip?

    [Read more]

  • Another reason to use 3.3k-10k for pull up

    3.3-10k is normally used for pull up. Main reason is RC rise time. Another consideration is chip internal pull up/down. They are normally around 50k but with big variation. Sure they can be turned off later by fw to avoid conflict of board pull…[Read more]

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