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  • Arm drops Cordio IOT hardware IP and keeps #BLE software stack IP

  • Group logo of IoT and Smart DevicesENGITNOW posted 9 months ago · , 0, 0

    Huawei opens HiLink to partners and plan to grow HiLink connected devices to $10Billion in three years.

    Huawei is betting on smart home as others. But unlike Amazon and Apple, Huawei is not to release a smart speaker with AI voice assistance. Instead Huawei is betting on smart phone to be…[Read more]

  • First #NB-IoT certification is announced in MWC 2018

    MediaTek and ZTE have announced the industry’s first certification of NB-IoT R14 for commercial applications. By this announcement, the two companies actually suggest that the NB-IoT R14 specification is ready for the large-scale c…[Read more]

  • NB-IoT does not support multi-hop or mesh network

    But eventually NR based 5G IoT sulutiin will support mesh. Likely…[Read more]

  • Bikesharing turns out to be maybe the 1st large scale IoT network

    sharing a bike is maybe the first truly large-scale IoT. It shares the technology of #NB-IoT, IoT chip technology, electronic fence technology, big data application and artificial intelligence operation. Technological…[Read more]

  • Qualcomm releases snapdragon to IoT

    Does IoT need that much computation capability and can it afford the power and unit cost? It is for embedded market?

    Qualcomm has also spent the last few years on bringing its chips to a wider range of platforms. Indeed, it’s now selling more than a…[Read more]

  • Apply #blockchain to IoT

    to improve IoT network #security. But IoT devices have limited computation capability, very constrained power consumption, limited storage space, and limited communication bandwidth. Blockchain introduces certain levels of complexity to calculate hash, store…[Read more]

  • IoT #radio wakeup chip to save main chip power

    Most of times IoT devices listen to determine next step. Radio wakeup chip, as shown, can perform thus function at very #lowpower and main function can be waken up if needed. For short range (several meters) and low sensitivity, the wakeup…[Read more]

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