UVM new object compilation error

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Resolved UVM new object compilation error
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  • amosone
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    Get UVM compilation error. Simplified the code to above but the error is still there as below:

    Compilation error: `uvm_object_utils(test_obj). Task/function call, or property/sequence instance does not specify all required formal arguments.

    Not sure why.


  • BSharp
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    Amosone, I think what happens is when you call new(), you give it an extra parameter some_arg in addition to the name string. UVM macro’s new() only accepts a name string as its sole argument. Should be fine if you have the second argument removed.

  • amosone
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    Thanks Bsharp! That was the issue. It is all good after i remove the 2nd argument some_arg. The UVM error message was confusing.

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