Five Benefits Of Becoming a Real Estate Agent

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Five Benefits Of Becoming a Real Estate Agent

One of the many upsides to becoming a real estate agent is that sales experience isn’t required. What are some other benefits? Better Properties, one of the Top Istanbul Apartments.


When you join a leading real estate agency like ours, you’ll benefit from the support of experienced agents who know the ins and outs of towns like. You’ll also enjoy a level of independence that’s hard to find in most other occupations. As you gain experience and begin closing sales, you’ll become less of an employee and more of your own boss. This independence also equates to a flexible schedule, the freedom to stay mobile (as opposed to sitting at a desk for hours at a time), and the chance to spend far more time outdoors than the average office worker.

Make Your Own Hours

The high level of independence enjoyed by a real estate agent also means making your own hours. When you begin your real estate career with us, you’ll spend a good amount of time prospecting for clients: creating marketing campaigns, cold calling, etc. But as your client list grows, you’ll find that your hours increase in flexibility. Many real estate agents set their hours according to their clients’ needs: for example, one day you might have several appointments in the afternoon and an open morning. The next day might be the opposite. This variety and diversity draws many independent thinkers and self-starters to a real estate career.

Helping People Accomplish Their Dream

For many people, buying a home is one of their biggest dreams. And for a real estate agent, there’s a genuine thrill that comes with knowing you’ve helped someone accomplish this goal. You’ll look back on your experience with a client and feel good about everything you’ve done: arranging that first meeting, staging an open house, finding a buyer, closing the deal, and handing the keys to the new owner.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

The entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well at Better Properties, where we encourage agents to build their own business from the ground up. We’ll give you all of the training and support you need to sell real estate in Turkey, and in turn you’ll have the tools you need to find clients and make them happy. Even better, happy clients means referrals, which in turn grow your portfolio. A satisfied client might tell one friend, or several: either way, your business gets bigger and bigger, affording you a great chance to make a real name for yourself.

Limited Only By Your Desire

The Turkey real estate market is booming, and there’s a lot of money to be made for real estate agents with a combination of ambition, people skills, and street smarts. For all practical purposes, your ability to earn and thrive is limited only by your desire. An agent’s income is derived from the commission made on the sale of a property, as well as certain sales goals, i.e. number of properties sold in a month. If you have a strong work ethic and enjoy working with people, it’s likely you’ll find tremendous success as a real estate agent.


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