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What is Valpont about?
Valpont is an online technology content platform. We enable and encourage engineers, businesses, teams, students, and faculties to share, discuss, and promote their expertise and knowledge. You can post blogs, articles, videos, courses, and IPs/files, and get feedbacks from industry professionals. You can also take advantage of other features like Q&A, bookmarks (resource sharing), news, surveys, events, etc.

Valpont is also a platform to market and monetise knowledge and intellectual properties. You can list IPs/Files directly for sale. You can also label posts/courses as subscription content or premium content so only paid readers can get access to the content. You can adopt site wide premium too. If you are an expert on some area, design a video course or write a valuable blog/article to help others, market yourself and financially benefit. Valpont also supports tangible items, boards/instruments/etc., for sale and time sharing.

Valpont is commited to build a truly user oriented platform to provide channels and centralized space for technology individuals and businesses to showcase expertise and build up brand names.

Make your Work and Content Available to the RIGHT and LARGER Audience
What is Group?
Group is the main area for users to share and discuss. Group features following functions:

  • Group discussion room (Forum) where users can make Q&A discussions.
  • Posts where users can post webcast/blog, articles, documents, video courses, and IPs/files. Contents here are expected to be originated by users. To suggest others' work, users can use Bookmark.
  • Bookmark where users can post and recommend online resources (paper, tools, web, etc.) and news.
  • Help where users can post jobs, offer services, search for partners, etc.
  • Group Topics where users can narrow down discussion to a specific topic in that group. Each group topic has a dedicated Forum.
  • Premium where users can post intangible and tangible goods for sale or rent.
  • Polls where users can post surveys and collect feedbacks.
  • Events where users can call their own meetings or list industry conferences so others are aware of these events and more importantly discuss about these events.
  • Group Wall where users can post SHORT messages about news, activities, tips, and lessons.

Only admin and advanced users can create group. For others, you can contact us to suggest a group. A lot of times a group topic is more proper than a new group. You can check group topic for details.
What is Tech News?
Tech news is a crowd-sourced news targeting technologies. Users need to get approval from Valpont before they can contribute to tech news.
What is Wall Messages?
Wall messages is for users to post SHORT messages about industry news, everyday activities, design tips, etc.
What is Posts?
In Posts, users can post copyright-clean technology materials. It can be a blog, a paper, a slides, a spreadsheet, a video course, code, files, etc. Post here is expected to be self-originated. To post and recommend others' work, please use Bookmark. In details,

  • Professionals Post original blogs, articles, documents, video courses, files, and IPs.
  • Businesses Post product release, white papers, application notes, technical papers, and other supporting files of the company or team.
  • Students Post supporting document/files of published papers, homework, class projects, thesis, code, etc. Please check As a college student, can I post class notes, thesis, and class projects? for more details.
  • Faculties Share educational slides, articles, code, and files.
What is Bookmark and how is it different from Posts?
Bookmark is for users to recommend and link external resources such as good articles, webpages, tools, or files online. You can also use Bookmark to link and discuss industry news or preferably use What is Wall Messages?. The difference between Bookmark and Post is Post is for original work and Bookmark is to recommend others' work.

If you haven't, please take a look at Copyright and what user can and cannot post? for any copyright issue, and how to link rather than upload external files.

Check How to inline link or embed an external doc in post? and How to add link in virtual editor? for how to link external resource.
What is group topic?
Group topic is like sub-group, and all users can create it.

Each group topic has a discussion room/forum. Users can also add posts, polsl, premiums, etc., to a group topic by specifying tag.
How is tag used in group topic?
Group topic has single or multiple tags associated with it. If user wants to add a post/poll/etc to a group topic, first add the post to the group and then add a group topic tag to the post tag. If one of the post tags matches one of the topic tags, that post shows up in the topic.

The same rule also applies to topic wall messages. Wall message is added to group. If user wants to show that message in a particular group topic wall, user can include at least one of topic tags in message content. It can be anywhere in that message.

Tags are separated by comma and not space. Several words separated with space are treated as one tag. Tag is case insensitive.
What is Help?
Help consists of Help Needed and Service two categories. Help Needed is for users to post jobs, projects that need hands, etc. Service is for users to state what kind of service or consultancy they offer.
What is Poll?
Poll is for users to post survey and collect feedback and comments.
What is Events?
Events is for users to call their own meetings or just post industry conferences. It not only makes users be aware of industry events but also enable users to discuss event content which is especially helpful for users who were not in the meetings.
What is Location
With location, user can post and check Collaborate items, such as jobs, and Premium items, such as tangibles items for sale or rent, for the location/city he or she is interested in. Each location also features activity wall and discussion room. Location description and details is Wiki-based and most users can edit it.

To add location in new post form, select location as below. Note: You can select "No Loc" if there is no need to specify location for that post.
What is user group?
Unlike public groups, user groups are created and maintained by users. User groups are all private groups, which means the creator automatically becomes the admin of that group, and other users need to request usership before being able to access it. User group admin has full control of that group, including the ability to grant permission to requesters. Admin can also promote group users to be moderators so they can also manage group forum and etc.

So far, only advanced users can create user group. You can go to Groups page and if you see "Create a Group" in command bar, you can do it. Click the link and create-group page shows as below:
Follow the steps. At step 4 select "Yes. I want this group to have a forum." if you want a group forum. At step 5 you can upload and chop an image as group avatar. Note: you need to click "Chop Image" to save the image.

So far user group only supports features such as group wall, forum, and events. We are in the process to add more features to user group. Please feel free to let us know what features you'd like to have!
Copyright and what user can and cannot post?
Valpont fully respects copyrights and trade secrets of third parties. User is not allowed to upload, post, or in any other way distribute copyright protected materials via Valpont.com without copyright holder's permission.

In general, if the material is not originated from you, even if you find it on public domain, even if it doesn't contain copyright notice, you shall assume it is copyright protected and therefore you can't upload it to Valpont.

Instead, you can link the material in your post and therefore allow others to make a discussion about the material, provided that the external hosting site has the copyright. Please refer to How to add link in virtual editor? for how to add a link. If the material is a document, may it be pdf, word, ppt, or xls, you can also inline link or embed link the doc so it displays directly for the convenience of the readers. Please refer to How to inline link or embed an external doc in post? for details.

There is another case that if you are the author of a published book or paper, can you post your published work? The answer is most likely still no. Please refer to Can I post IEEE papers? for more details.

Please also check our Copyright Policy.
Can I post IEEE papers?
The answer is no. In a broader scrope, when you publish books or papers, normally you transfer the copyright to publisher. Although some publishers allow posting on public domain many, including IEEE, do not allow so.

Instead, authors are encouraged to post supporting materials related to the paper. This could be more data, more pictures, or a detailed derivation that is not in the publshed paper. It could be a piece of matlab/c code or simulink model that is used in the research behind the paper. It could also be a slides talking about the idea.

Current IEEE copyright policy states:
The policy reaffirms the principle that authors are free to post their own version of their IEEE periodical or conference articles on their personal Web sites, those of their employers, or their funding agencies for the purpose of meeting public availability requirements prescribed by their funding agencies.
If above posts exist, users can link the document as mentioned in Copyright and what user can and cannot post?.

Again, Valpont's goal is to make work more visible and usable in academics and industry. Supporting materials are of great value to readers. Perhaps more importantly, discussions on papers will greatly benefit both readers and authors.
As a college student, can I post class notes, thesis, and class projects?
Please do not upload class notes to Valpont. Some universities claim that the school owns the copyright to the class notes taken by students. Therefore, class notes do not meet our clean copyright requirement. Instead, you can link school's class notes if available.

For thesis, please check if your university policy or employment contract specifies the ownership of thesis copyright. In most cases, students retain the copyright to their thesis.

Currently, other than in Maryland, students have copyright to their homeworks and class projects. Therefore, students are encouraged to share them on Valpont.

For published papers, please refer to Can I post IEEE papers?.


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