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How to edit user profile?
To edit user profile such as full name, affiliation, etc., you can go to your member page, select "PROFILE", and then select "Edit" Tab.

How to change user avatar?
To add or change your avatar, you can go to your member page, select "PROFILE", and then select "Change Profile Photo" Tab.

How to change email, password, or email notification?
To change user email or password, you can go to your member page, select "SETTINGS", and then select "General" Tab (default). After change is saved, you will get email sent to your existing email account. Follow the instructions to finish the update.

To change email notfication, use "Email" Tab.
What is User Page?
User page allows user to better present him/herself, the team, or the company than the user profile does. With virtual editor, user can add images, videos, tables, bullets, and other formatted text to user page. User Page is displayed in "User Page" tab of user activity page.

User can have multiple user pages. Above only and always displays the main user page which is the very first user page user created. In this main user page, user needs to add link to other user pages, otherwise they are not viewable to other users. Please check here about how to add a link.

To view and edit your own pages, you can go to user post page and select "My Pages" tab.
What is user point?
When user contributes content, user can earn points:

Contribution Points Earned
SWP Post 1.5
SWP Author Earn* 1
News 0.5
(Regular) Blog/Paper/Video 0.5
Q&A Reply 0.2
Event 0.2
Bookmark 0.2
Inviting Anyone Email 0.2
Comment 0.1
Q&A Question 0.1
* Point earned by SWP post author when a reader pays points to access

There is a daily point limit for each type of content. User can continue contributing contents but won't be able to earn point once daily limit is reached for that type of content.

User can spend points to access site wide premium (SWP) contents. Each SWP post costs 2 points. For each of two points payed by reader, SWP post author earns one point and Valpont earns one point.

In addition to content contribution, points can also be purchased at purchase points.

Point balance is shown on user's profile header. User can only see his own point balance. User can go to "Point History" tab to check earning and spending history of points.

To avoid abuse of the system, user point balance needs to initially reach 5 before user can spend points. Valpont reserves the right to adjust or even clear user's points at any time if improper behavior, such as spamming, is detected.
What is user impact point?
User impact (or reputation) point is different from user (contribution) point in that impact point reflects not only user's contribution but also, maybe more so, other users' rating and feedback on this user and his/her contents.

User impact point is displayed at user's profile header and also in member list. Users can see each other's impact points.


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