Cracking Digital VLSI Verification Interview : Interview Success

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Cracking Digital VLSI Verification Interview : Interview Success

Cracking Digital VLSI Verification Interview : Interview Success

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Topics covered in this book:

1. Digital Logic Design (Number Systems, Gates, Combinational, Sequential Circuits, State Machines, and other Design problems)
2. Computer Architecture (Processor Architecture, Caches, Memory Systems)
3. Programming (Basics, OOP, UNIX/Linux, C/C++, Perl)
4. Hardware Description Languages (Verilog, SystemVerilog)
5. Fundamentals of Verification (Verification Basics, Strategies, and Thinking problems)
6. Verification Methodologies (UVM, Formal, Power, Clocking, Coverage, Assertions)
7. Version Control Systems (CVS, GIT, SVN)
8. Logical Reasoning/Puzzles (Related to Digital Logic, General Reasoning, Lateral Thinking)
9. Non Technical and Behavioral Questions (Most commonly asked)



“This very book on cracking the interview is the first of its kind and will be a great boon for all the aspirants. Interview is an art and science and the authors took the utmost care to scientifically master the art of succeeding a verification interview. This book equips the reader with all the aspects what an interviewer would be looking for. Being an interviewer for over a decade, I am impressed by the kind of questions discussed in this book and I wish I had this book earlier. There are so many topics which I felt that I should have known earlier that would have made the interviews interesting. I have no doubt in recommending this book to all the aspirants and even the interviewers in the domain to get a new and vivid perspective. The gamut of the questions would benefit from a novice intern to the senior expert executives. This book touches every aspect of the verification engineer selection interview including technical and non-technical traits.” – “Achutha Kiran Kumar, Formal Verification Lead, Intel, Co-Author, Formal Verification: An Essential Toolkit for Modern VLSI Design”

“If you are passionate to work in Digital VLSI Verification domain, often wonder what it takes to land a job as Verification Engineer, and want to know what skills are required to crack a VLSI Verification interview: this book is a must-have for you!Having a good understanding of VLSI Design/Verification concepts and insights into VLSI interview process will reduce your anxiety and boost confidenceThe authors: Ramdas M and Robin Garg are experts in Microprocessor Verification with combined experience of more than two decades. Through this book, they are giving a tool that can be used by readers to expand their domain knowledge and be prepared for successful interview. The book is well organized into chapters with detailed descriptions and explanations for various questions, providing readers with a guide to educate them. Book covers both technical and non-technical aspects of the VLSI verification interview process. The authors have covered various concepts in great detail: from basic design concepts to advanced verification methodologies.” – “Pushkin R Pari, Senior Staff Engineer, Qualcomm”


Experienced Verification Engineer
Experienced Verification Engineer passionate in continuous learning and knowledge sharing ( Co-Author of the book "Cracking Digital VLSI Verification Interview : Interview Success" - A Golden reference guide for VLSI engineers at all experience level Teaching Online courses on SystemVerilog, Assertions, Coverage, UVM Quora Top Writer -

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