Common Challenges Faced by the Developers in the making of Wearable Apps

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Common Challenges Faced by the Developers in the making of Wearable Apps


Mobile app development market is growing rapidly and developers are looking forward to do some experiments with new technologies. The mobile apps has been around us for a long time and now most companies understand the significance of mobile apps and how it can help them grow their business. Most developers are busy developing mobile apps, most of them already made their baby step into wearable devices.

Although people are using wearable device for a long time, but the technology is still gaining popularity. Devices like Apple Watch, Google Glass, and FitBit are some prominent examples that are dominating the market.

The beginning of this innovative technology has developed curiosity among different sector businesses. Companies are looking forward to build their own wearable devices while keeping the ongoing trends in mind. Many tech companies already start investing in wearable apps to stay ahead of the business.

Although these wearable apps come up with unique features and functionalities, the developers need to overcome hurdles to develop these wearable apps. Let’s just take a look at a few major challenges that developers usually went through while developing these wearable apps.

User Interface

Wearable have smaller screens as compared to smartphones and tablets, therefore the user interface is also different, and that is the challenge for developers. To overcome this challenge, they need to focus on simple UI, the speech focused command, and data collection. Due to the smaller screen size, developers need to exclude flash icons and navigation features. The main focus of developers should be on user experience and how to integrate useful features into the device.

Cross-Platform Compatibility:

Developing wearable mobile applications for individual platform limits your target audience. Businesses need to develop applications for multiple platforms to enhance their product reach. But each platform requires different codes, it is one of the tough task for developers to build applications for different platforms.

Data Security:

People are concern about their privacy and data security. Most people don’t want to invest in the wearable where their data is not safe. The recent research of Rackspace stated that 51% of users worried about wearable due to data security and privacy breach problems. It is significant for Wearable device app Development Company to give extra focus on the security of data. That’s the only way companies can earn the trust of users. 

App Updations:

Wearable applications are the ongoing trends of the market. The development firms are constantly working to bring some new gadgets in this domain. Thus, it is significant for your business’s application to keep updated according to the latest technology trends. That’s why it’s challenging for developers to survive in the market.

Battery Life:

Most wearable devices have shorter battery life. Hence, people need to charge them more frequently. Thus, it enhances the chance of the uninstallation of wearable applications, as no one likes to charge their devices again and again. The developers should make the wearable apps battery-friendly. Those wearable apps that drain the battery of your device is a big No-No.

Tethered devices:

Most wearable relies on larger screen devices to utilize all the features of apps. The wearable devices are pretty useless if they are connected to a device with a short battery life. Mostly wearable are connected through Bluetooth need to be in a certain range.


The most significant qualities of wearable are easy to use and mobility, developers need to keep this in mind while creating an application as these are primary features. According to the professionals, these features are always on top priority for wearable apps. Developers focus should be on users essential.

Faster App Development

The wearable app market is booming at a fast speed. New devices are coming and replacing the old ones. The wearable app market fulfills the demand of consumers. Developers just need to adapt to the evolution and keep on building new wearable to fulfil the user’s requirement.

Final Words

Wearable apps are playing a great role in the gaming industry, healthcare industry, and other industries of the market. The wearable app development process requires extra carefulness as the features and functionalities of all apps are different. The article informs you about the hurdles face by the developers in the development of wearable apps. Thus, now they can easily make a strategy according to the requirement of the clients. Wearable app development companies always try to match up the ever-changing requirement of the market. The popularity of wearable devices is on the peak so is the need of developing efficient apps.

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