Buying Property In Turkey A Good Investment 2021?

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Buying Property In Turkey A Good Investment 2021?

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There have been different reasons to invest in Turkey or Rent a house in Istanbul; ranging from pending European Union (EU) entry, the fact that it is an emerging holiday or tourist destination or simply because the economy is robust and growing at a rate faster than more developed nations. But in almost every case, the property prices featured in the entire Antalya region still remain an excellent value and way below those of more established riviera property buying destinations. The interest in overseas property investment has been fueled in recent years by low global interest rates and low stock market returns.


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The growth in Turkey is also increasingly appealing to travelers and property buyers alike. It offers cost effective travel links to and from Turkey, with new flights via many charter airlines who are providing services, operating low cost routes to Turkey from the UK and other major European airports.

Statistically up to now, Spain has already sold over two million properties to foreign buyers. This translates to 356 billion Euros of revenue derived from real estate sales, of which many were off plan purchases.


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Turkey’s goals are to carry out the Spanish real estate model under which infrastructure projects such as the construction of roads and bridges and environmental arrangements in the regions are ventured by the contracting firms wanting to develop there; and as such, Turkish property buyers are well aware of the effect this will have on future real estate values.


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Turkey is a country with a lot of potential, and it would be clever for many investor in off plan properties to look at capitalizing on the lower prices while the country is on the rise. An unstable economy has stabilized over the recent years, with the lowest interest rates in over 30 years and increases in foreign investment. Foreign investment is still faily low in Turkey, and as such the market is not expensive as one may anticipate – and with possible EU membership in the coming years, right now is the perfect time for anyone to invest in a property in Turkey, as it will definitely be the coordination of rising prices in the near future.

Undoubtedly Turkey is a country of popularity, and the growing reputation is connected by the publicized statistics, which placed the country as the third best in the world in which to invest in property. Also factored are the house prices, which have risen along the Turkish riviera coastal regions by 20 to 40% in the last few years.


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The most popular region of Turkey is Mediterranean and Aegean regions. Even though tourism is a booming industry with 41 million visitors in 2016, Turkey is not as high-priced as major European cities. Off plan developers look for the real bargains with the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts offering plenty of choice for the researching property guru. Other regions for the curious investor might include mountain resorts, where the ever more popular Turkish ski sites are taking an increasing volume of visitors each year.

With enjoyable summers and winter activities, a priceless and diverse history and a forward-thinking attitude, Turkey will reassuringly become one of the most sought after countries in the world for property giants, and off plan sites will be snapped up faster and faster as time goes by.

When it comes to property investment, buying in Turkey is one of the closest opportunities you are likely to find.

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