Basic Introduction of Modern SOC Reset Generation

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Basic Introduction of Modern SOC Reset Generation

¬†has an interesting article, Some Discussion about MCU Resets. It talks about POR reset and LVD reset (low voltage reset) that are needed to make sure chip logic doesn’t work under voltage or with unstable clock. To achieve it, external reset generation chip such as MC34064 is employed. Reset delay is introduced by an analog RC charging/delay circuit. For details, reader can take a look of that article first.

This is a little old school. In today’s semiconductor industry, with the pressure to lower PCB BOM cost, digital chip vendors are integrating more and more functionalities into the chip. It includes POR reset and low voltage protection circuit.

Here we briefly talk about reset generation in a typical SOC. Below is a general block diagram.


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  1. Ltremblay 5 years ago

    Great reading for soc top level design. You may not know a simple reset can be so necessarily complicated until you read it. Yes, it is related to bootup, clock, and power. I think low power (sleep mode) introduced reset issue is not even introduced.


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