Apply Cordic Algorithm to Digital FM Receiver

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Apply Cordic Algorithm to Digital FM Receiver

In last post, we talk about how to use DDS+mixer and Cordic derotator two schemes to achieve IF to DC down-conversion. What is missing is
1. No AFC (Automatic Frequency Correction) and carrier phase detection is discussed.
2. Demod is not discussed.

In this post, we talk about AFC and carrier phase detection as well as Demod. The focus is still to show how Cordic algorithm can be employed. In addition, instead of MPSK, we switch gear to FM. So we first talk about FM RX demod and then FM TX architecture.

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  1. earnestwu 5 years ago

    Good presentation using cordic in FM recv signal processing and FM demod. Even a good tutorial on how FM works. Well worth the points I hard earned.


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