An SoC Design for Data Streaming

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An SoC Design for Data Streaming

Let’s use wireless audio streaming as an example. For rx, radio and modem receives and demods audio data over the air and dumps it to mFIFO, modem FIFO. On the audio output side we use PCM module to send continuous stream out of chip. PCM has pFIFO, PCM FIFO, to buffer data to be sent. PCM module sent data out at a pre-configured rate and design needs to make sure pFIFO is not empty when PCM retrieve data from it.

Data is moved from mFIFO to pFIFO by DMA engine in this design. Strict connection of mFIFO to pFIFO is also possible. We will mention later why DMA is used.

Diagram shows two requests, from mFIFO and from pFIFO. DMA only needs one DMA request to trigger data movement.

Audio is normally bi-directional.

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