An issse to use UPF to set isolaton strategy

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An issse to use UPF to set isolaton strategy

We have a design as below. Top module is called M1 and it is in PD_M1 power domain. M1 contains a sub-module called M2 and it is in PD_M2 power domain. There is a signal going from M1 to M2. Inside M1 this signal is called hready_int and it is connected to one of M2’s port named hready. Power intention is M1 is relatively off to M2 so an isolation cell shall be inserted and it is intended to be iso high and inserted in PD_M1. All other outputs to PD_M2 should be iso low.


Now let’s take a look how to use UPF to set isolation strategy. This is simple enough and what could go wrong? Well let’s see what is the potential issue on UPF sim and UPF backend processing and how to resolve it.


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  1. Danford 2 years ago

    I have been always wondering why the dummy wrapper is used in some design. So it is to specify iso. Thanks for tips. The other two solutions look much better than the dummy wrapper.


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