Among all things, hope is beautiful. Four hour complete speech notes from WeChat’s Zhang Xiaolong

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Among all things, hope is beautiful. Four hour complete speech notes from WeChat’s Zhang Xiaolong

WeChat, known as Chinese Facebook, was initiated by Tencent Holdings Limited in October 2010 and was created by the product team of Tencent Guangzhou R&D Center Led by Zhang Xiaolong. WeChat is a huge successful instant messaging free applications in China and in recent years has seen increasing usage in other areas. WeChat’s daily login volumn has passed 1 billion mark.


The following is full notes of a four-hour speech delivered by Zhang XiaoLong, the creator of WeChat, about product strategy and management.


Hello everyone! I am Zhang Xiaolong.


Just now we looked at these spit (“WeChat Night Tucao Edition” opening video), very good, because I heard this voice every day, I am used to it.


I think that in China, 500 million people say that we are not doing well every day. There are still 100 million people every day who want to teach me how to make products. I think this is a very normal thing.


But I am not here to teach you how to make products.


Every year, our public relations classmates ask me if I want to participate in the public class?

I always said that I haven’t decided yet. I still have to think about it. Later, I asked them a condition. If I want to come, can I put my time to a later time because I especially hope that? I have a very good state to communicate with everyone.


Later, I used a reason to convince myself that I will come over to participate this year, because you have been participating for several years in a row, suddenly interrupted, and there is a feeling of a sudden interruption of performance art.


Sometimes I do think that this is more like a performance art, because it is difficult for you to express it clearly in a short period of time.



This is a very long cycle, and everyone knows that I am not good at speaking. I think the speech is a technical job, it is a very professional thing, I respect the profession. I am amateur in my speech.


I hope to participate in such a conference. More than just hope to use this opportunity to have a face-to-face communication with everyone.


Especially at this time of the year, I feel very special. If it is last year, everyone will say “seven years of itch”, I can only sum up how “itch”.


This year is 8 years. In August of this year, WeChat’s daily login volume exceeded 1 billion. This is a particularly big milestone. This may be the first APP in China’s history with an order of magnitude of 1 billion DAU.


But for a person who is doing Internet products, it should be a very worthwhile celebration.


In particular, we recently released version 7.0 of WeChat. Of course, there are 500 million people who spit out, 100 million people teach me how to make products, and 800 million people can’t read us. “Because you see, so exist” What means.

Does anyone here understand it? I understand it and let me see it.


thank you all! Thank you so many friends, 10% of them raised their hands.

This sentence can be understood from many levels, just like I sent a piece of Wang Yangming’s “Heart Learning” in the circle of friends. I think it is from many dimensions. I don’t want to make an explanation. I think there is a mystery that is particularly good. Everyone has their own interpretation is particularly good.


It is better for everyone to have their own understanding.

Like WeChat for so many years, WeChat’s launch page is always standing alone in front of the Earth.



When I first released it, many people asked me why I was standing alone in front of the earth. The earlier version was standing alone in front of the moon. It was also very imaginative at that time.

For this, I believe that everyone has their own understanding.


Because we don’t have a standard answer, so every time you see a startup page like WeChat, you may have a question:

What the hell is this person doing? Why is he standing in front of the earth?


Maybe after a year, your thoughts will change a little bit, and it will change a little more in a year.


I think this is especially good because it leaves the imagination space to every user.


With 1 billion users, there will be 1 billion different understandings, and everyone will find a point that will impress him.

Once I saw a person in a circle of friends said that WeChat is a different kind of Internet. The so-called heterogeneity is different from all other products.


I am surprised to see this sentence, but at the same time I feel very proud.What makes me different is synonymous with excellence.


I am amazed that WeChat is different, not by some special way to make a difference, but because it sticks to the bottom line of making products, it is different.



For example, in the process of using WeChat every day, I do see that WeChat has many different places.


When the Spring Festival is over, you will see that many of the APP icons have to be changed, and then the red and yellow ones will be blended together, just like the tomato scrambled eggs.


Yes, after a while, you will have a lot of tomato scrambled eggs on the screen.

WeChat has never changed in so many years.


Many people will ask us why WeChat insists on this?


I have found that there are some misunderstandings for me and our team as well as the users and everyone present.


It may seem to me something common sense that is difficult for many people to understand.


Today, WeChat has reached 1 billion daily activities. I think the next step should be to open another process.


At such a point, I am more willing to spend a certain amount of time, from the origin of WeChat, the nature of WeChat, to explain more fully what we are doing?


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