Altium Files for Infrared Receiver

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Altium Files for Infrared Receiver

Attached are the Altium Designer project files for an infrared receiver circuit.  The circuit needs to be supplied 5 volts in order to work. The circuit uses a TSOP1738 and a CD4017.  The TSOP1738 is an infrared receiver.  The TSOP1738 can only operate with 38 KHz infrared carrier waves. The CD4017 is a decade counter that counts in decimals the number of infrared pulses in relation to the built in clock sequentially.  The decade counter counts by pulsing pin 0 to 9 sequentially. In this design, the counter only pulses pin 0 and 1 because pin 2 is tied to the RESET pin.  When pin 0 is high, the transistor (Q2) will activate the 5V relay switch. The LEDs are used to visually indicate which pin on the CD4017 is set high.

The PCB design is that of a 2 layer board.  The bottom layer uses a ground plane and the top layer uses a power plane (Vcc). Open “InfraredReceiver.PrjPcb” to get started.

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