2020 Polaris RZR PRO XP 4 Ultimate Review.

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2020 Polaris RZR PRO XP 4 Ultimate Review.

The universe of 4-seat UTVs is somewhat confused nowadays with such huge numbers of choices. On one hand, you have ultra elite models, similar to this all-new 2020 Polaris RZR PRO XP 4. You likewise have progressively tamed, non-turbo models that don’t give you the insane adrenaline surge however give a lot of family fun. Obviously, in case you’re in the market for another 4-seat UTV, the time has never been exceptional to purchase.

Also, perhaps the most recent model to hit vendors is this the Polaris RZR PRO XP 4, which has a radical update for 2020 and is really a ground-up new discharge. How does the most recent inside remain agreeable for four individuals? How does that all-new body handle the turbocharged power? Furthermore, does it truly satisfy it’s $32k+ sticker price?

We should respond to a portion of those inquiries in our audit…

Solace For Four

Indeed, there are styling updates and body refreshes, which are both what you’re going to see first when you take a gander at the new Polaris RZR PRO XP 4. Be that as it may, within this third era RZR is truly where I locate the most improvement.

Regardless of where you sit in this four-seater, you are welcomed with full half entryways – at last! Much obliged to you, Polaris, for ensuring all travelers have full side inclusion. These entryways are certainly a stage above what Polaris has ever offered with thick metal edges and the natural press button inside locks. There is a lot of space to get in and out of this RZR as the forward/toward the back containers of the ROPS framework are set in marginally.

The seats are an all-new plan that offers much better help along the side and on your lower back. The main spot they are missing is shoulder support. Be that as it may, everything else about the seats are superior to past ages, even down to the seat slider, which is limitlessly superior to the past age! Not any more clingy seat sliders now…

By and large, the front territory of the inside is extremely car like. The one other thing that makes driver’s extremely sure in the driver’s seat is a directing framework that works with you instead of neutralizing you. The controlling wheel is presently extending so you can dial in the seating position to your careful enjoying. The general directing proportion on this PRO XP is amazingly fast, so up and coming deterrents can be dodged with actually a 1/eighth turn contribution on the guiding wheel. The heaviness of the force controlling is additionally exactly how you need it – incredible on focus and appropriately weighted through the whole turn.

Skeleton Improvements

The basic yet huge body reality is this: the Polaris RZR PRO XP 4 is an all-new one-piece skeleton plan. No more dashes in the middle to associate the front half and the back half together. In addition to the fact that this makes the whole length of the case more grounded, yet the two front-to-back ROPS move banishes that run from the a-column right to the c-column are there for undercarriage unbending nature, as well. When pushing this machine through stone slithering segments that are attempting to wind this case with stressors on inverse sides, this skeleton displays negligible turning contrasted with past models. Similar sounds accurate when you toss it into corners.

There isn’t flex that you used to have the option to feel when truly pushing RZR models. The PRO corners and slithers unhesitatingly. You can even feel this in the washboard knocks where it simply doesn’t squeak or clatter your teeth out. The associations and unbending nature from front to back are on the whole exceptionally solid.

Recognizable Powertrain

On the off chance that we are taking a gander at the new PRO XP arrangement all in all, the huge news really isn’t the powertrain. Typically Polaris, and Can-Am so far as that is concerned, are in a hard and fast war for “big enchilada” in the pull division. We commend Polaris for gradually expanding its torque number this year and keeping with the equivalent, time tested powertrain framework. The 925cc ProStar Turbo-prepared twin chamber motor has been a staple in the RZR arrangement now for quite a long time, and it troopers on with critical refinements that permit the torque yield to increment to 181.

As you’ll find out about in a second, that is a lot of intensity for most human individuals driving this machine. The expansion in power originates from a few refinements, including another fluid cooled turbo that is in reality somewhat greater in size, loop on plug sparkle plug tops rather than distant mounted curls, another motor head structure that has a coolant line out the top for self cleansing (this helps keep limited overheating on hot days to a flat out least, particularly when you turn the key off and permit the engine to sit subsequent to buckling down), and two or three changes to the mounting and strong organization of the intercooler.

Driving the NEW Beast

There is single word that rings a bell when we tie into the driver’s seat of the RZR PRO XP 4 and take it for a turn: Refinement.

Last age RZRs have driveline commotion, they have thumps, they have shaking plastics, and you should check your jolts frequently. In the wake of putting 1000 miles on this new PRO-age of RZR, I’m altogether intrigued by the refinement that Polaris brought to these new machines. The inside transporter bearing doesn’t make any clamor, much after these miles. During hard stops on the brakes, the driveline doesn’t gab close to as noisy as it did in past RZR models, and the grasping is simply cosmically better as time goes on with this new Polaris RZR PRO XP 4. What. An. Improvement.

One other annoyance before we get into the remainder of the driving impressions – how might you spend over $32,000 on a rough terrain vehicle not have a standard rooftop on it?! That is only insane to me. The aluminum secondary selling rooftop we have on our Polaris RZR PRO XP 4 test vehicle is $779.99 and merits each penny in the event that you plan on keeping the stock enclosure.


How about we talk suspension… While a Dynamix-sort of suspension framework has now advanced into different UTVs in the business, Polaris has a major advantage over every other maker with its Fox LiveValve innovation since it has been utilizing it the longest. This experience shows, particularly after you drive this most recent Dynamix-prepared PRO XP 4. It used to be the place “Firm” mode, which is one of the 3 selectable suspension settings that you control from the cockpit (Comfort and Sport are different settings… ) was unusable. Notwithstanding, with some genuine updates for this most recent model year, Firm isn’t totally unusable, as is Comfort and Sport. As a driver, I truly refreshing having the option to spin through the diverse suspension modes directly from the guiding wheel while never removing my eyes from the path. The particular modes clearly work better in various landscapes.


As we referenced previously, the grasping is limitlessly enhanced this vehicle with smoother begins and expanded cooling. We have 1000 miles on this RZR and the belt looks fresh out of the box new. That is after some great max speed slides and hard passing through the challenged out desert areas in our test grounds. Some may state that the force isn’t adequate with the Maverick models available, yet after 1000 miles in the seat, there isn’t one spot that this machine needs more force. It can stay aware of everything out there and gives you a total roller coaster. The new Turbo reacts to choke inputs rapidly with negligible slack, and the transmission has a satisfactorily Low rigging in it. It slithers effectively at 3mph, and that is the thing that you expect out of a CVT. It appears to fire up somewhat higher than past ages when in Low apparatus, however that is certainly not a terrible thing when you’re on the path. Driver’s will value the fitting flood in force and moment choke reaction – it’s addictive!


At the point when we investigate within the Polaris RZR PRO XP 4, the Ride Command framework is just the best worked in GPS and instrumentation framework accessible available. Polaris keeps on redesigning the product with refreshed UI and abilities, including the gathering ride work that no longer requires a mobile phone. Our Ultimate model analyzer had Ride Command worked in, and the innovation matched with the included Rockford Fosgate sound system is simply first class. This additionally incorporates guiding wheel controls, which make it simple to program the Polaris button for various Ride Command capacities readily available, alongside volume fastens and play/stop. The framework just works incredible, and the way that you can run it, alongside the sound system, with the key in the adornment position is fabulous when you’re sitting with companions at the slope.

Fuel Capacity

This Polaris RZR PRO XP 4 is genuinely a significant distance beast. You could go for quite a long time and days in this RZR and be agreeable. That is stating something. At the point when you couple the inside solace, all around tuned suspension that makes the washboard for all intents and purposes vanish alongside the huge challenges, and the fantastic back stockpiling region that mystically springs up with the back seats collapsed level, this machine can without much of a stretch handle the entirety of your outdoors supplies for a few days. We recently did that on a seven-day experience! The exact opposite interesting point is the bigger fuel tank, which presently quantifies 13 gallons, and permitted us to hit 130 miles on the path without pampering the choke. More fuel = progressively fun!


We introduced three must-have adornments on this RZR, including: Aluminum rooftop ($779.99), premium curved back view reflect ($119.99), and an extra tire bearer ($499.99). Once more, the way that this RZR does exclude a rooftop is incredible to us, so the extra rooftop is an unquestionable requirement have. The rearview reflect is likewise an unquestionable requirement, or you can simply put side mirrors on the vehicle. The extra tire transporter is constructed very well, and it turns up off the beaten path so you can approach the freight bed. It mounts high up, which puts the weight further up, however it permits you to hold the entirety of your back freight limit. These are definitely justified even despite their price tag and experience been without difficulty for us.

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