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  • Group logo of IoT and Smart DeviceslukeP posted 4 days, 18 hours ago · , 0, 0

    How IoT gateway works

    Gateway tasks:

    Facilitate compatibility across the IoT network. IoT Gateway ensures this by supporting a number of communication protocols like Zigbee, 6lowpan, Bluetooth, WiFi, LoRA, Zwave
    All the devices that need to be monitored or controlled have relevant sensors…[Read more]

  • St’s smart city technologies

    Countless projects in North America, Europe or Asia are currently using ST’s STM32 microcontrollers (MCU), Nucleo development boards, Time of Flight sensors, among many of its other components. ST’s partnerships with many companies have already pioneered the…[Read more]

  • ST’s LoRa boards and solutions

    LoRa™, which is short for LoRaWAN (Long Range Wireless Area Network) is a type to LPWAN (Low Power Wide Area Network). Developed by Semtech and governed by the LoRa Alliance™, of which ST is a member. LoRa™ uses sub-gigahertz bands to connect devices which…[Read more]

  • Group logo of IoT and Smart Devicespranayk posted 2 weeks, 1 day ago · , 0, 0

    Use low power msp430fr58 and board current too high

    Msp430fr58 has excellent low power modes. Standby is less than 1ua and wake up latency is < 10us. But be careful of your board. For dc to dc converter, is it LDO or switch regulator. Power efficieny at different current levels. Also pin…[Read more]

  • Digital twin, blockchain, saas, security, cognitive. IBM blog abt IoT. Industry usage is the KEY!!

    [Read more]

  • Group logo of IoT and Smart DevicestDey posted 2 weeks, 5 days ago · , 0, 1

    IOT to be excited and worried in 2018

    Four reasons to be excited

    It’s easier than ever to build IoT devices
    IoT platforms have dramatically lowered the barrier to entry
    IoT big data analysis is becoming more accessible
    IoT security is gaining traction

    Four reasons to be worried

    Few IoT…[Read more]

  • Group logo of IoT and Smart DevicesGloria posted 3 weeks ago · , 0, 0

    IoT trends in 2018

    Security, AI, edge

    [Read more]

  • Group logo of IoT and Smart Devicesmorris119 posted 3 weeks ago · , 0, 0

    30 billion connected devices in 2023

    20 billion of IoT and 10 billion of celluar…[Read more]

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