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We are a couple of RTL design engineers with combined more than 40 years of experience in ASIC and...

Staff Engineer

FPGA design, digital design, embeded system

Staff Engineer

Physical System Design


We are a small design team with many years of experience in ASIC/FPGA IP and system designs which involve...

Electrical Engineer

DSP, controls, machine learning

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  • nextpcb7 posted an update 2 months, 3 weeks ago · , 0, 0

    NextPCB PCB Prototype Manufacturer, the Lowest Price $1, the Fastest 1 Day!

  • mutasem posted an update 5 months, 3 weeks ago · , 0, 1

    i want rf milcroelectronic solution

  • tDey posted an update 1 year ago · , 0, 0

    Verilog: range must be bounded by a constant expression

    Lets say you want to achieve below in verilog
    for(int ind=0; ind<8, ind++) begin
    target[32*(ind+1)-1:32*ind] = source[31:0];

    Compilation will fail with error msg as "range must be bounded by a constant expression". You can use…[Read more]

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