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Senior Staff Engineer

ASIC, FPGA, Digital Design and Verificaiton

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GVI-Tech provides FPGA/ASIC IP core as well as hardware and system solutions. We are specialized in high speed digital...

Electrical Engineer

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PCB, Embedded, Arduino

Staff Engineer

FPGA design, digital design, embeded system

Staff Hardware Engineer


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  • harrisonYu posted in Group logo of CompaniesCompanies 3 months ago · , 0, 0

    Qualcomm big layoff?

    IoT and server will be big hammered. Staff and senior staff levels will be more impacted. Other than 5g, all moves to india.

  • Apple ditches Intel chips in macs

    Apple does it again. Use its own chips to replace third party’s. This time victim is I…[Read more]

  • Synopsys DC doesn’t optimize timing?

    Get timing report from timing team. Surprise to see DC uses high delay cells which make the path failing the constraint by quite a bit. DC can easily use low delay cells to fix it. STA tool can fix it anyway. What really concerns me here is if DC takes…[Read more]

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PCIE Tutorial: How to Test in Linux S

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PCIE Tutorial: Software Initiated Device Power Management S


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